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Financial Health & Money Management

Learn to master your finances in order to accomplish your dreams.


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9.30.18 Embark Mini Part 2: Money and Relationships – One Day Workshop to Prepare for the Journey of Life

8 Hours in person + 3 Hours Video Amy Saloner Beginner

Embark Mini is comprised of two one-day workshops. Each may be taken separately, or together for greater impact. It is the condensed version of our one week camp. Students learn potent tools to prepare for life after high-school. This workshop is for anyone who is considering college, is concerned about the stress and uncertainty of living away from home and who is interested in learning habits and practices that will set them up for success their whole life.



Mad Money Skillz

Course Content Expand All | Collapse All Lessons Status 1 Introduction Welcome to the Course Course & System Navigation What's Your Why? 2 Module 1: Money Beliefs & Affirmations Money Beliefs 3 Module 2: Financial Goals & Vision for the Future 4 Module 3: The Power of Compounding Interest 5 Module 4: A System for [...]