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9.29.18 Embark Mini Part 1: Mindset and Habits – One Day Workshop to Prepare for the Journey of Life

8 Hours In Person + 3 Hours Videos Chef Lance Roll Beginner

Embark Mini is comprised of two one-day workshops. Each may be taken separately, or together for greater impact. It is the condensed version of our one week camp. Students learn potent tools to prepare for life after high-school. This workshop is for anyone who is considering college, is concerned about the stress and uncertainty of living away from home and who is interested in learning habits and practices that will set them up for success their whole life.


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High Performance Habits Workshop – SOLD OUT

8 Hours In-Person Robert Goodman Beginner

High Performance Habits is a workshop for student athletes to find the balance they need to maximize potential. Learn how to boost performance on and off the court by integrating potent life-skills into your every day life. When you the right tool you can shed the stress of your full schedule and set yourself up to excel in school, in sports and in life.