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Our Teacher

TJ Anderson

Health Coach, Health Hacker

TJ’s mission is to serve as a model, advocate, and an architect for holistic health. He’s here to help health conscious leaders take their health and performance to a new level.

His true passion is helping successful and purpose-driven entrepreneurs activate sustainable health hacker habits into their lives- so they can prevent burnout, elevate their energy, and feel and function at the top of their game in their mission of life. He’s led several successful group health coaching programs, including:

  • The Healthy Holiday Bootcamp
  • The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge
  • The EntreHealth Mastermind
  • “Elevate Your State” – Next Level Health Accelerator

TJ also serves as a brand ambassador for top health brands (like Bulletproof, Natural Stacks, BioCBD and Neuro Hacker Collective) so he’s always ahead of the curve researching the next great health hack. In his free time, he either travels the world attending health conferences, jetsets off the grid for adventure trips in nature, or spends time with with his family- where he relishes in playing uncle with his five nieces and nephews.

“The future of healthcare is here my friends… and it starts with ourselves.”