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Kyle Shinners

LAc, Harvard Alumni, Movement Specialist, Taoist Master

As a lifelong enthusiast of masterful movement, Kyle Shinners was an All-American lacrosse player who studied Medical Anthropology at Harvard University, graduating with honors in 2001. Post graduation, Kyle journeyed forth in search of the ultimate holistic training system.

After years abroad studying with master healers, he returned to San Diego in 2006 to earn national massage licensure and helped develop Dynamic Contraction Technique, a profound therapeutic method for opening the meridian channels of the body.

Currently, Kyle teaches Qi gong and meridian stretching classes while continuing to deepen his understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  As an integrative practitioner, Kyle balances his vast experience of high performance athletic training and rehabilitation with years of practice in the wisdom teachings of yoga, qi gong, meditation and TCM.

Kyle combines a uniquely diverse set of technical skills, a highly developed intuitive touch and an inspired teaching style to create a safe environment for optimum healing. Each experience dramatically increases body-mind awareness and empowers students with the personal tools to unlock their highest potential.