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Data Talks: A Myriad of Articles, Research & Surveys

Data Talks: A Myriad of Articles, Research & Surveys

The Station Co-Lab Learning Institute is dedicated to empowering young adults around the planet… but, as Simon Sinek would say, “what’s the why?”

While this article isn’t meant to dive deep into our “why” (that article is coming soon!), it is safe to say there was a common thread across all members of our organization which ties into our why. The thread being that we all had witnessed, in our personal and professional experiences, some concerning trends, seemingly connected habits and a growing disconnect with this younger generation.

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Gee-Willikers Grandpa! Growing disconnect with a younger generation? Only said every generation about the next… ever!”

… Aaaaand, you’re right.

How were we to know whether our current understanding was based in fact or whether we were strictly anecdotal grumpy grandpa’s (and ma’s). Thankfully our licensed experts are trained to stay up on this data, but we wanted to ensure we had plenty of documented sources that both spoke to the need for this type of programming and supported how our model sought to address these concerns.

With the mountains of data we have saved as sources/resources, we wanted to share at least some of that data with you! Below you will find links to various articles, organizations, research studies and surveys organized by topic, all which speak to the many levels of our organization. While many of these links speak to problematic areas facing our young adults, we want to ensure you that there are also many positive areas of growth (like record High School graduation rates) which are important to celebrate. This list is meant as an educational resource for you to help raise awareness around the importance of our cause and share sources relevant to data points reflected on this website.

Physical & Mental Health:

Debt & Finances:


Social-Emotional Learning & Life-Skills Training:

General Career & Education Data

We’ll continue to add relevant research to this page over the next few weeks. We’re also planning our own research studies which we’ll share, along with new studies found, as they come out! Keep an eye out for these through Social Media, our newsletters and this site!

What studies or surveys have you seen recently? How are our young adults faring? Let us know your thoughts and any data you’ve come across in the comments below!

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