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High Performance Habits Workshop – SOLD OUT

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High Performance Habits is a one day workshop for teenage student athletes & parents!

Ask yourself (parents, ask your teens) these questions:

  1. Have you been hurt in the past year?
  2. Are you performing your best?
  3. Do you feel worn down or do you feel tired frequently?
  4. Has your performance on the field impacted your performance off the field (school, relationships, etc) or vice versa?

The teenage student athlete faces a myriad of challenges like never before. Between school work, training (sometimes year-round), social pressures, family obligations, college applications, and growing bodies and minds, teens are exhausted, worn down, and stressed! The worst part is that they don’t really know how to balance these areas of life well.

It’s not just about excelling as an athlete, it’s about excelling in life. It’s about finding balance in to pursue your passions as a happy, healthy and successful young adult!

You can be the best in your sport, but if you are injured, exhausted, over-scheduled and overworked, what’s the point?

Some of the best professional athletes adhere to specific routines, practices and habits that keep them healthy and strong for long and successful careers.

High Performance Habits is your opportunity to build the habits that create health, vitality, balance and longevity in your sport, your career, and your life.

In this one day workshop we’ll work with students and parents (both separately and together) to help ensure knowledge can be implemented in a supportive way. You’ll learn:

    • The five nutritional fuels to enhance your performance, prevent and heal injuries.
    • What a flow state is and how it can improve your focus and performance
    • How to improve your sleep and improve repair and recovery
    • How to create sport, school and life balance in an over-scheduled world
    • Improving your productivity and time management with routines and organizational hacks
  • Mindfulness and movement practices to reduce stress and improve focus and attention

Parents are not obligated to attend.

Lunch is included.

$40 per student & $35 per parent/guardian.

Upon check out, use discount code #PARENTDISCOUNT1 or #PARENTDISCOUNT2 to reduce the ticket price for each attending parent/guardian.

If more than two adults are attending, please contact us at rgoodman@stationcolab.org.

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Start On February 2, 2019
Duration 8 Hours In-Person
Level Beginner
Focus Life-Skills
Location San Diego
Type 1 Day Workshop
Price $40.00

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